Abe is about 5'8" and skinny, with long hair and a mustache. He is quite easygoing and loves to chat and joke with his friends.


Abe served on Trader's convoy as a gunner in War Wag One, along with Ryan Cawdor and JB Dix. When the convoy was nerve-gassed in Mocsin, War Wag One was hit with sleep gas, so he was spared along with the rest of the crew. Ryan picked him to go along when they left the wag to head up to Redoubt Bravo, but he was shot in the throat by an arrow and presumed dead (Pilgrimage to Hell).

He reappeared in New Mexico and rejoined the group for a time, the wound he'd taken wasn't fatal, though it had damaged his vocal chords (Moon Fate). After a fight with a mutie in Chicago dumped him into a rain-swollen ravine and swept him through a flooded culvert, he claims he was rescued by Trader himself. This prompts him to leave the companions to seek out Trader on his own (Fury's Pilgrims).

He followed the rumors north and west to Seattle and found his old boss. He and Trader rejoined the companions for a time before friction between Trader and Ryan forced them to part ways, and Abe decided to stick with Trader. The last the companions saw of him, he and Trader were surrounded by a band of men and muties led by Straub (Shadowfall). When the companions met Straub again, he taunted them by saying he knew of their friends' final fate, but they killed him before he could tell (Circle Thrice).


He carried a Colt Python .357.



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