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Appearance[edit | edit source]

Akhnaton was a perfect example of a human male - 6'5", well-muscled, stronger than normal, nearly immune to disease and radiation, and possessed of great mental powers. He was convinced he would become a god and rule over Deathlands.

Background[edit | edit source]

Akhnaton, also known as Alpha, was one of two subjects created by Mission Invictus (he killed the other when he was a young boy). When he came of age, he was put into cryogenic suspension and awoke 80 years later. He used his psionic powers to gather and enthrall followers to dig out and refurbish an old movie set in the Guadalupe Dunes, turning it into the city of Aten. When the companions arrived in the redoubt, he sensed their presence and decided Krysty would become his new mate. He had her captured and subjected to his influence, but she broke free and killed him during the ceremony to put the capstone on his pyramid (Nightmare Passage).

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