Albert was a dwarf, one of the few survivors of a small ville in Kentucky.


Kirkland, the baron of Hazard ville, had the townspeople slaughtered after they refused to bow to his will. Albert was kept alive by Kirkland's sec men as a driver and source of amusement; after the companions killed them all, he accompanied them into town. They were forced to make a hasty exit and took him along through the gate to another redoubt in the Arctic, where he drowned when the ice floe containing the redoubt sank.

The dwarf Albert was initially spared death when the gang he was forced to ride with was wiped out by Ryan's people near the ville of Hazard. He was only a mascot, a play thing for the gang members and readily joined Ryan's group. He and Doc Tanner became fast friends due to being so well read. It appeared that the little man was about to betray the group when he took Doc to the local book keeper, but that was not the case. He escaped with them after Handsome Wyatt attacked the ville to get Ryan and JB. In the arctic the little man met his fate. Ryan wouldn't allow Doc to carry him, as it would slow the old man down and he could have very well lost his life due to it. They had to race to the gateway chamber, while a torrent of death cold water chased them. They all managed to get into the gateway except for poor Albert. The wave of water caught him and he drowned.(Way of the Wolf)




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