Main Street Alma Colorado

Main Street Alma.

Alma was a Statutory Town located in Park County, Colorado, United States. The town population was 179 at the 2000 United States Census.

At an elevation of approximately 10,578 feet (3,224 m), it is the highest incorporated municipality in the United States with permanent residents. Alma, which was a town, did not take the title as highest incorporated city from Leadville, Colorado, as is commonly believed. Leadville was still the highest incorporated city in North America. Alma, however, had a contiguous residential area (on Mountain View Drive) extending to 11,680 feet (3,560 m) above sea level, while any such area in or near Winter Park reaches only 9,550 feet (2,910 m), Leadville 10,360 feet (3,160 m).

The town was named by a merchant named Mr. James, after his wife.


The ville of Alma used to be a thriving ville, until the bandits came along and drove off or killed most of the inhabitants. The only one left is a crippled woman named Elvira Madison, who Ryan spends a little time with, when the house is collapsed by a mudslide trapping Ryan and killing her. He is set upon by a mess of tiny mutant mice, and nearly dies when Krysty and the others find him and free him. (Crossways)

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