Auriel Trask was the daughter of Dredda Trask and Ryan Cawdor.

When Dredda's force came to Deathlands, they captured Ryan and his friends; Dredda immediately recognized Ryan and wanted his seed for her children. He wouldn't give it up, so she took it from Krysty instead.

Like her mother, Auriel underwent the procedure that made her into a superior human being, but this didn't save her when she and her people were attacked by a creature that lived in the void between worlds. It infected and killed most of them (those who weren't killed by the companions); she was the last of the group, but was killed by a slave before the specters infecting her could burst free (Doom Helix).

Auriel took after her father in looks (curly black hair, blue eyes, and strong features) and had her mother's uncaring attitude toward the people of Deathlands.

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