Captain Conners was a geologist sent along with the first Shadow Earth expedition to Deathlands, Connors deserted during an attack by the companions - he realized that he was in a wide, new world with nothing to go back to, so he took his equipment and vanished (Shadow World).

He ended up in a small town in southern Idaho called Rupertville that was run by a man named Tidwell. Tidwell invited him into the ville, then tried to kill him; he evaded Tidwell's men and hid under a house, which Tidwell set on fire. As the fire rained down him, his mind snapped and he crawled free, still burning, to kill all the men with his laser rifle; he then set the ville's slaves free and fell into a coma. The natives nursed him back to health and he took a new name: Burning Man. The companions happened to be captured by his people, who took them to him. He recognized Ryan; after they told him of the news that the Shadow Worlders were back, he mounted up a force to wipe them out. He was killed in an explosion when he blew up the gate generator (Doom Helix).


He used a laser rifle.


Captain Conners was also known as Burning Man, a name he earned by fighting a battle whilst on fire.



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