Big Herb's eldest boy, Carl, helped him in the ironsmith's shop. He was a tall, lanky kid with a shock of black hair, an explosion of freckles on his face, an inquiring mind, but a gentle nature. (Pilgrimage to Hell)


Carl Lanning was one of Krysty Wroth's childhood friends and her first lover. He was the blacksmith's son and grew up to become the blacksmith himself, but after Krysty left, he became an alcoholic. He ran into the companions when they were on their way to Harmony; with his help, they cleared the town of bandits, but he was killed by a stickie after saving Krysty's life.

This once strapping young man let booze take over his life. He was the man who took Krysty's virginity back in the ville of Harmony in the Colorado mountains. The entire time Krysty was gone, he still carried a torch for her. When they are finally reunited, she is quite surprise to see how much the man changed. Ryan is forced to put him in his place when he tries force Krysty into having sex with him. Luckly for him, Ryan pulled his punch. Carl was killed by a Stickie when he tries to defend Krysty from a pair of them who managed to escape the massacre of their gang. He has his throat cut and dies in her arms. (Crossways)





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