Carla Peterson was the daughter of Edgar Brennan, the Baron of Snakefish.

She took a liking to J.B. and tried to get their help in overthrowing the Motes. After the ville was destroyed in a firestorm ignited when Ryan and his friends blew up the gas refinery, her Father, Uncle and cousin were all killed. Taking Zombies motorcycle, she Heads north to the ville of Champmanston, located on the Missouri river, where she planned to stay with her sister. She gave J.B. and the group an invitation to stop by and visit if they are ever up around there.

She was a little average height, in her Early Thirties. She wore her black hair down to her shoulders and it was held in place with a purple comb. She wore a black jacket over a cream blouse, as well as pale fawn riding breeches tucked into knee high polished black leather boots. She is the first woman in the series that J.B. was ever intimate with. (Ice and Fire)

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