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Fauquier County, Virginia

Casanova was a small unincorporated community in Fauquier County, [[Virginia[[]], United States]] at the intersection of Casanova Rd (VA Route 616) and Rogues Rd. It is also the location of its own post office, with the zip code 20139. It is home to The Inn at Poplar Springs. It is also home to Melrose Castle (now a private residence) which dates back to 1854.

The Casanova Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. Other listings are Melrose Castle (also known simply as Melrose) and Weston.


Casanova Ville was one of the satellite towns around Front Royal, and was also near BullRun. It was destroyed by the Kite employed by Silas Jamaisvous.

There are two villes near Front Royal, Casanova ville being one of them. It was run by a man named John Henderson. He was a brutal man who couldn't stand his heir apparent. He wanted to control the entire territory and is planned on starting a fight between Bullrun Ville and Front Royal. (Gaia's Demise)


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