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Charlie was a stickie, but not a normal example of the species - he was nearly 7 feet tall, thin as a rail, had a full head of blonde hair, and could speak quite well.


Charlie was a stickie of exceptional abilities, he gathered together a bunch of other stickies in a community in New Mexico; they went on raids over a wide area, taking norm prisoners to torture and kill.

Charlie and his people took Ryan and Krysty prisoner, but the pair escaped (along with the other prisoners) during an attack by a group of lepers. The community was largely wiped out, though Charlie got away; he showed up at Jak and Christina's farm a couple months later, begging for food. When he threatened their infant daughter, Christina killed him with an axe (Moon Fate).


Charlie was quite fond of his Uzi.


Charlie knew Ryan's last name even though when they had met, Ryan kept it secret at the time. However, since Ryan began traveling by Mat-trans, its possible that word of him preceded their second meeting. (Moon Fate)