Crichton Institute, also called the Melissa Crichton Institute of Medical Research was a government medical facility dedicated to the study of cryonics and genetic research located in a remote valley in Acadia National Park, Maine. It was established in 1998 and had one of the world's largest libraries of medical knowledge before a fire destroyed most of it about 30 years after skydark; the cryonics wing was likewise destroyed by an earthquake about 20 years later.

This facility was but two years before Skydark. As luck would have it, due to bad programming and the terrain, it survived the initial exchange. For the past one hundred years the scientists based there have been delving into genetic engineering and cloning. They have had success with cloning and some with engineering. But about thirty years ago, all their medical knowledge was lost due to an electrical fire. The base housed over one hundred sec men, scientists, and support personnel. Many of the sec men and scientists were killed when they showed their true colours to Ryan and the others.

The scientists there were focused on creating a human race free of impurities and mutations, which they would use to cleanse Deathlands; their program was called Project Janus. The cloning facility was destroyed by the companions after the scientists created a copy of Krysty and tried to have her kill Ryan. (Genesis Echo)


Inside the Crichton institute, the scientists created several mutants. One was a hermaphrodite, with a thin veil of lace like skin over it's eyes, no nose and a thin lipless circular mouth. It didn't have any arms, just a row of dwarfish fingers down the sides of its body.

Another mutant was a dwarf male, on a quarter of its adult size. It had a forked tongue, and no eyes.

Another was a woman who appeared to have been cut in half. Her body was cut diagonally from the left armpit to the top of her right thigh. But there was no scarring. Another mutant was a huge hairy man. He had paws with yellow claws instead of hands, and only one eye. His mind was totally gone.

The last mutant was a two headed woman. This woman was released by Ryan and Trader, so she could help them take out the scientists and rescue the others. She was killed by a sec man.

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