IBM PC 5150

A computer terminal very similar to the ones used on Wizard Island.

Below is the data that Ryan and Krysty discovered about Doc Tanner, while they were at the Wizard Island Center for Scientific Advancement


Enter Access code:


Security Warning Deleted, Proceed

Subject: Doctor Tanner, Theophilus Algernon. Doctor of Science, Harvard. Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford University England.

Birth Date and Location: South Strafford, Vermont. February 14, 1868.

Relatives: Married June 17, 1891. Wife Emily Louise, nee Chandler, Deceased. Children, two. Rachel, deceased at age three in 1896. Jolyon, deceased at age one in 1896.

First located and Targeted by TT (Time Trawled). Successfully trawled from November 1896 Arrival 1998. Other subjects, one Judge Carter, deceased. Trawl incomplete.

Subject’s refusal to become reconciled to temporal correction proved difficult. Several abortive attempts to bribe or cheat his way into the chron-chambers were undeniable evidence of his overwhelming desire to travel back to his own time and rejoin his wife.

For reasons unknown, subjects metabolism sped up significantly, aging subject well beyond subject's actual age.

Temporal anomalies are not clearly understood, nor easily explained. Evidence is limited as experiments have not proceeded far or fast. Most experts hypothesize that time is multi-stranded. There is at any one second millions upon millions of time possibilities-an infinite choice of parallel futures, any or all of which will persist. Thus it is believed that the classic example of a person travelling back into the past to alter his own person is false. He will alter only one of the parallel streams, but his own present will not change. He could be killed in the past, but his own time stream will not be sullied by the disturbance. But in one universe, he will cease to exist. This is all that is known.

Subject’s constant attempts to rejoin "Beloved Emily" and his own century became a considerable irritant. Doctor Tanner was taken by the appropriate responsible authorities and placed under restricted access and egress. Subject was subsequently sent forward in time during December 2000.

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