Doctor Huth was the Leader of the Totality Concept on Shadow Earth. He was the one who accidentally discovered the wormhole to the alternate reality of Deathlands. When he discovered that his masters weren't planning on taking anyone along besides themselves, he tried to open the gate one last time to go through on his own, but he just enabled Ryan's escape. He was thrust through the gate when the companions sent a missile back through the gate into the complex (Shadow World) and ended up working in a small ville.

He was found by the Shadow Worlders' "recruiter", Big Mike, who gave him a ride to Slake City so that he could rejoin his compatriots. The new invaders wanted nothing to do with him, so he was sent to the mines; there, he fell victim to a cave-in and was rescued by Doc and Jak. When the Shadow Worlders fell victim to a Deathlands virus, he was freed in order to find a cure. This was impossible due to the virus being able to mutate quickly, but he ensured himself a ride back to Shadow Earth (Breakthrough). There, he regained his old position as head of the Totality Concept and continued his work on trans dimensional gateways. He led a new group through several dimensions, seeking a new place to colonize, but always being chased by a creature that lived in the void between worlds. They finally arrived in Deathlands and set up their camp at Slake City again, but the creature killed everyone but him. He survived the attacks, only to fall victim to the stickies who still resided in the mines (Doom Helix).





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