Donfil was nearly seven feet tall and skeletally thin. He had the power of seeing and healing, although whether these are mutations or spiritual is unknown. He got his new name after his friends complained that his Indian name was too long; he adapted it from the first names of the Everly Brothers (Don and Phil). He wears old-fashioned (though mismatched) clothes, along with a pair of mirrored sunglasses.


Man Whose Eyes See More, aka Donfil More, was a shaman in a small Mescalero tribe in New Mexico; after the companions saved his tribe from Cort Strasser, he accompanied them on their next jump to Maine. There, they found a small whaling town on the coast. After finding that he had a talent for throwing harpoons and going out on a ship, he decided to stay (Pony Soldiers & Dectra Chain).

A couple years later, the hunting dried up. Donfil felt it was his fault, so he moved inland, ending up in a small community of muties on the Great Lakes. The companions ran into him when he and some of his friends were captured by bandits; they rescued the folks and took them back to their ville. When the companions learned that the ville was being attacked by mutie fishmen, they banded together with Donfil to root out the threat once and for all (Downrigger Drift).




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