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An example of Precognition.

A Doomie was a person who could see into the future, or a generic term for anyone who possesses the Psionic ability of precognition.

Some Doomies could see events, others had feelings of what would shortly occur, including events of doom, hence the name.

A Doomie was one who could see the future; this ability manifested in degrees from flashes of danger to full-blown visions. In Pilgrimage to Hell, weaker doomies were called "sensers"; later books make no distinction, calling all muties who can sense the future "doomies". Full-fledged doomies are very rare; most people with this power (like Krysty Wroth) have a "danger sense", but not visions.


A Sensor was a mutant who could sense danger, sort of a low powered doomie.