Burroughs is nearly 6'6", trim and muscular, with platinum blonde hair.


Drake Burroughs was a major in the US Army, in charge of a small unit of men who were subjects of Project Calypso. When skydark hit, he was in charge of security for the White sands redoubt; over time, he took over control of the place, killing anyone who resisted. Since he and his men are effectively immortal, they were the only ones left alive after 100 years, when the companions found the redoubt. Burroughs saved them from an attack by the locals and asked Ryan to join him and help rebuild the old US, but Ryan refused. Using the "if you're not with me, you're against me" mentality, Burroughs tried to kill Ryan, but he and the others fled through a gateway to England, caving in the hallway behind them. Burroughs was caught behind the fall, but some of his men were able to go through after the companions (Bitter Fruit).





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