Dred was undernourished and no older than eighteen.


Dred was the first person Ryan and the others encountered upon leaving the ruined mansion housing the gateway. Dred took the group back to one of his three homes and a young girl named Retha joined him a short time later. He claimed to be the leader of a street gang known as the Hawks. They spent a full night and day together and on the second night, while they were in the ruins of a museum, Dred and Retha grabbed Ryan's G-12 and plan to kill the group. Doc killed Dred using his sword cane, and Ryan uses his Panga to kill Retha. (Seedling)


Dred used a battered AK-47, and carried a Saturday night special.


Ryan and Krysty considered taking Dred under their wing, as a possible replacement for Jak, however his desire for their weapons, and his Jolt addiction led to his downfall.



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