Ellie Kissoon ran Satana's Animal Show, a small travelling circus, with her three daughters; Julie (21), Nell (19), and Katie (18).

She got her animals from a zoo in the Catskills that managed to prevent their animals from escaping or being eaten after skydark. Her animals included black bears (Brutus, & Cassius), African Lions (Balthazar, & Rosa), and a Bengali Tiger (Rajah).

With her daughter's they travelled from ville to ville performing their animal act.

They met up with Ryan and J. B. and convinced them to see their show in Weatherill Springs, and that evening put on a show outside the local bar for the ville's occupants. During the show an audience member extinguishes his cigar on one of the group's Tiger's in a show of bravado, causing the animal to attack and starting a panicked firefight. In the aftermath several audience members are dead and Ryan is asked by Ellie to put down the mortally wounded animal, which he does. They left the town quickly, chased by gunfire from angry residents, and escape unharmed.

Afterward Ryan noted that the bar's lockbox was missing following the incident, and after some hinting one of Ellie's daughters outright admits that they stole it during the confusion. This earns bemused approval from both Ryan and J. B., but the two nonetheless decide to part ways with the group, not the least reason being that Ellie and her daughters have expressed romantic interest in the two over objections that they are both in committed relationships. (Road Wars)

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