Emerald is seventeen years old, an only child. Despite being a girl, her father taught her everything she'd need to survive; this, coupled with her beauty, athleticism, and intelligence, made her a formidable woman.


Emerald Savij was the daughter of Baron Savij of Soulardville; she took over when her father died of cancer. Soulardville held monthly sacrifices, led by Brother Joe, who sought the baron's power; when her turn came up, she fled rather than be sacrificed. The baron hired the companions to get her back, but when they returned with her, Brother Joe refused to honour the deal, they then made a deal with a local scavvie band to break out, overthrow Joe's acolytes, and get rid of Joe himself. She thus became the sole ruling power in Soulardville. (Playfair's Axiom)





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