Emma Tyler was a young woman who was a seer (she could tell the future and sometimes see things about people). However, she wasn't born with the ability; she gained it only after nearly drowning in ice-cold water and spending a week in a coma. She gained the interest of Baron Sean Sharpe, who wanted her for his zoo. He had her captured, but she escaped; he caught her again and beat her to death.

This petite young woman was one of the most powerful Doomies ever encountered in all the Deathlands. She met up with Ryan and the rest in one of the numerous pest holes that sprung up around the Washington hole. They prevented a group of rowdy's from killing her. Later they all find themselves guests of Baron Sean Sharpe. He discovers that she is a true Doomie and wants to add her to his collection. In the end, she sees her own Death, despite wanting to be with Jak. Sharpe beats her to death, causing her to drown in her own blood. (Ground Zero)





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