Gemini Rising

Deathlands 046: Gemini Rising

Author Nick Pollotta
Illustrator Michael Herring
Publication date July 1999
ISBN 0-373-62546-4
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Gaia's Demise

The Baronies Trilogy - Book 2

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Ryan Cawdor comes home to West Virginia and his nephew Nathan, to whom Cawdor had entrusted the Cawdor barony. Waiting for Cawdor are two of his oldest enemies, ready to overtake the barony and the Cawdor name.

Unable to help an ailing Krysty Wroth, Cawdor must face this challenge to the future of the East Coast baronies on his own.

Book 1 in the Baronies Trilogy, three books that chronicle the strange attempts to unify the East Coast baronies - a bid for power in the midst of anarchy....


After two centuries of nuclear blight, a new America is emerging, forged by those seeking peace and hope for the future. Pocket communities, ruled by local barons, have become the new centers of civilization...and power. But while many desire prosperity, others embrace ideas of ultimate domination.


The son of a powerful baron, Ryan Cawdor has chosen his own path through the Deathlands. Now rumours of trouble bring him home to West Virginia, where he'd left his nephew Nathan at the head of the barony. But a welcoming committee is waiting for him with a band of sec men, and a usurper of the Cawdor name. Unable to help a mysteriously ailing Krysty Wroth, Ryan challenges two of his oldest enemies in their grim gambit to control the East Coast Baronies.

In the Deathlands, power is the ultimate weapon....






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