The specifics of the Genesis Project are unclear, but it is known to have employed genetic manipulation; its aim was likely to create some sort of superhuman. The subjects of the project, the Cornelius clan, had astonishing strength, stamina, speed, and senses; there were also nearly immortal. They survived by absorbing DNA from normal humans (either through draining blood or from sexual intercourse), which they would incorporate into their bodies to make them stronger and regenerate their health. After skydark, they escaped from Redoubt 47 and inhabited a mansion near Bramton, Louisiana, where they fed on the local populace. Many died over the years to accidents or disease, and the companions killed the remaining four. (Bloodlines)


  • Project Genesis also appeared in a Star Trek movie, as the code name for a scientific research project. Its goal was to develop a process whereby uninhabitable planets could be made suitable for humanoid life.
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