Gert Wolfram worked for years alongside Magus, selling stickies and running a circus. He was an old enemy of Trader, who broke up one of his operations many years ago.

When the companions came to Twin Forks, Wolfram and Magus happened to be there. They booked a cabin aboard the same riverboat as the companions when they went north on a trip, then took everyone hostage to force Ryan and JB to find some overseers from their stickie slave camp. Ryan and JB infiltrated the camp, where the duo were holding the others prisoner, blew the place up, killed most of the men, and freed their friends; Wolfram tried to flee on a hot air balloon with the companions, but Ryan knocked him loose to fall to the ground, where he was set upon by a horde of angry ex-slave stickies and torn apart (Eclipse at Noon).

Gert was an enormously fat man who spoke with a soft voice.


Other than Trader, Gert is often mentioned in the novels, especially his well-known circus.

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