Ghoul - David Griffith


The ruins of Washington have become home to many mutants, but the most prevalent seem to be 'Ghoulies'. They have pallid skin which is tinted bluish. It's said that they actually glow in the dark because of this. Their eyes are large and protruding and their mouths are filled with sharp teeth, as well as a reptilian tongue. (Ground Zero)

A group of ghouls had managed to find their way into the redoubt located in Kansas. Here they had been living for several weeks, feasting off the preserved corpses of those who died during the Skydark. The eyes appeared as if they are melting in the watery sockets. The whites were a muddy pink and the pupils were nearly non existent. The skin was puckered and soft, and was pitted with open sores. They were also very slow, but could still be dangerous in large numbers. (Cold Asylum)

In the ruins of Idaho Falls Ryan and his band as well as the Baron's men who are attacking the coldhearts come under attack by a group of Ghoulies. They were rad damaged, having scarring, scabs and tumors. They were dressed in rags and are filthy. The mutants were cannibals and some where monstrous in size. All dangerous, if not just plain primitive. (Starfall)

Creatures known as forest ghouls are said to haunt the forests around Moscow. Little is known about these creatures other than the fact that they had long tongues that rotated like steel drills and could enter any opening in a body to drain away the fluids. (Red Equinox)

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