Hanging Judge

Hanging Judge

Author Victor Milan
Illustrator Dave Seeley
Publication date March 2014
ISBN 0-373-62625-8
Publication Order
Preceded by
Siren Song
Followed by
End Program

Book TeaserEdit

Hell hath no fury like a future scorned....

Back CoverEdit

Scarred For Existence

In the Deathlands, the game of survival offers no reprieve. There's nothing to win in nuke-blasted America except the chance to fight another day. Still, Ryan Cawdor and his fellow travelers hope for sanctuary… somewhere. Until they find it, they face each dawn as if it's their last. Because it just might be.

Devil's Court

Justice is a damning word in what used to be called Oklahoma, thanks to a sadistic baron known as the Hanging Judge Baron. Crazy, powerful and backed by a despotic sec crew, the judge drops innocents from the gallows at will. When Jak narrowly escapes wearing his own rope as a necktie, a rift among the companions sends them deep into the mutie-infested wilderness outside the ville. Separated and hurting, time is running out for the survivors to realize they're stronger together than they ever could be alone—before a ruthless madman brings them to the end of their rope.






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