Alien (1979) - main cast

Promotional photo of the main cast of the 1979 film Alien. Left to right: Ian Holm as Ash, Harry Dean Stanton as Brett, Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, Yaphet Kotto as Parker, Tom Skerritt as Dallas, Veronica Cartwright as Lambert, and John Hurt as Kane.

Harry Dean Stanton (July 14, 1926 – September 15, 2017) was an American actor, musician, and singer. Stanton's career spanned many years, during which he appeared in such films as Cool Hand Luke; Kelly's Heroes; Dillinger; The Godfather Part II; Alien; Escape from New York; Paris, Texas; Repo Man; Pretty in Pink; The Last Temptation of Christ; Wild at Heart; The Straight Story; The Green Mile and Inland Empire.


  • Harry Dean Stanton was one of Laurence James's favourite actors, so much so that he named two characters after him: Dean Cawdor, and Harry Stanton, the King of New York. (Seedling).
  • In Time Nomads, Doc also starts to relate a tale where he and Harry Dean Stanton had met, however he gets confused and does not finish the tale.
  • In Bloodlines, Johannes Ford mentions that he once viewed a movie (Rebel Rousers) with Harry Dean Stanton in it, and it was the worst film he'd ever seen.
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