An example of Santa Claus for reference.


Harry Stanton resembled Santa Claus with thick white hair, a bushy white beard, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. He's always eager to show off his collections, and often quotes predark TV shows that he's seen (Seedling).


Harry Stanton was the self proclaimed "King of the Underworld", and was one of (if not the) most powerful men in the ruins of Newyork. He was a trader who made his fortune with garbage bags - several years back, he found a warehouse with over a million bags in it. He had a vast collection of items, from medicines to weapons to videos and books to vehicles, along with a large empire.

He was an old friend of Trader's from years ago, and helped Ryan out when he needed some medicine for JB. Ryan "borrowed" his LAV to rescue his son Dean, however, and Stanton swore he would kill Ryan when next they met (though it appears he said it more to save face in front of his men than because he truly meant it). (Seedling).





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