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Photo of Alan C. Peterson who played Harvey Cawdor in the Movie Deathands: Homeward Bound. Photo taken from imdb


Harvey was physically misshapen due to a breech birth - he had a hunched back, his right shoulder sat higher than the left, and his right leg didn't work right, so it dragged behind him. He was grossly overweight - nearly 400 pounds - and completely insane.


Harvey Cawdor was the youngest son of Baron Titus Cawdor of Front Royal. He had his older brother Morgan killed, then tried to blind his other brother Ryan himself - he carved out Ryan's left eye with a knife, but missed the right and left a long scar. After Ryan fled, his stepmother (Titus' second wife, Rachel) killed Titus and married Harvey; they took over Front Royal until Ryan and his friends returned to kill them and set things right (Homeward Bound).





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