Helskel was a town a few hours' walk from Mount Rushmore that actively traded with the inhabitants of the Anthill. It got its name from the Beatles song "Helter Skelter" (its baron, Lars Hellstrom, followed the ways of Charles Manson). It destroyed in a massive explosion when the companions blew up a gas station there.

The leader of this bizarre community is a man named Lars Hellstrom. He ran the ville following the writings of a mad man named Charles Manson. They community was thriving, living off the technology they received from the pre-ruin government officials that survived inside the Mount Rushmore redoubt. Lars Hellstrom was the son of a Eastern Baron, and he was also a minor telepath, able to plant suggestions, as well as read surface thoughts. The ville suffered heavy damage when J.B. and the others broke out of their prison and blow the fuel dump to cover their escape. (Stoneface)

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