Grand Canyon Lodge, North Rim

Grand Canyon Lodge.

Hightower was a former resort situated on the edge of the Grand Canyon. This once majestic building was run by Baron Torrence and his two 'little Girls'. Slowly, over the years as quakes ravaged the area, more and more of the old hotel slid into the canyon and river hundreds of feet below. Ryan and Trader were forced into a 'shotgun' wedding by the Baron who wants a pair of powerful men to take over his barony. Both women were killed, and they kill the baron as they escape the building as well. Having secured a ancient Volvo truck, they use it to escape and make it back to Krysty and the others.

The place was a pesthole that comes closer to complete collapse with every earthquake (which hit the area often). (Trader Redux)


Although, there are no resorts named Hightower, there are several resorts located along the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Lodge may have served as an inspiration.

The Grand Canyon Lodge was a hotel and cabins complex at Bright Angel Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, who designed a number of other hotels in national parks for the Utah Parks Company and other concessioners. Built in 1927-28, the Grand Canyon Lodge resort complex consists of the Main Lodge building, 23 deluxe cabins, and 91 standard cabins, some of which were moved to the north rim campground in 1940.

All guests are housed in cabins detached from the main lodge, which serves as a dining, concessions and service facility. Constructed of native Kaibab limestone and timber, the complex was designed to harmonize with its rocky and forested setting. The Grand Canyon Lodge complex is notable for its setting and rustic design, as well as its status as the only complete surviving lodge and cabin complex in the national parks.

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