She was notable for dyeing her hair in outrageous colours.


Hunaker (Hun) was one of the people Ryan chose when he left War Wag One to enter Redoubt Bravo. She was bisexual, leaning more toward women. She was killed by Rachel Quint during a firefight in Redoubt Zulu. (Red Holocaust)

Hunaker was the primary driver of War Wag one in Trader's convoy. This tall woman was quite unusual in the sense that she loved to dye her hair unusual colours, red during the early years in the convoy, and green just after the series began.

She was also powerfully built, and one of the few people who nearly match Ryan Cawdor in sheer muscle power. In the early years she and Ryan had a number of sexual encounters, even though she was bi-sexual.

Next to sex, her favourite pastime was killing. Ryan Cawdor has rarely met anyone who enjoyed killing as much as this woman did. The woman was tough, pretty, and could put a sailor to shame with her mouth.




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