Jabez was of average height and appearance, except that the right side of his face was a little higher than the left; his right eye was curled down at the corner, so it looked like he was blinking constantly. He was of average height and weight, appearing to be in his late teens. His face appeared to be oddly unbalanced, the right side being higher and more angular. The corner of his eye was twisted and pulled down so it appeared that he was continuously blinking. His skin was incredibly pallid. His brown hair was receding and was kept cut short.


Jabez Pendragon Cawdor was the son of Rachel and Harvey Cawdor; he was sly, manipulative, cruel, and amoral, combining the worst traits of both his parents. He was torn apart by Krysty after he tried to rape and kill her. She wrapped his remains in a burial shroud she found in the room, tossing the remains into the moat from her window. She literally destroyed his body with her mutie strength. (Homeward Bound)





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