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Jak is 5'6" and about 120 pounds. He speaks broken English, though he is far from stupid (he knows how to read and write).


Jak Lauren was born and raised in the Louisiana bayou, where he learned how to be a premier hunter and tracker. He is the youngest member of group besides Dean, at 17 years old; the two are close friends. He is also an albino. There are few in Deathlands deadlier with a blade or in hand-to-hand combat, despite his small stature. He carries a number of leaf-bladed throwing knives hidden about his person (no one, not even his Companions, knows how many or where they are) and wears a camouflage jacket with bits of metal and glass sewn into the collar, designed to slice the hands of anyone trying to grab him. While he has trouble seeing during the day, his night-sight is nearly equal to that of an animal's, and his hearing and sense of smell are similarly sharp from his woodscraft training. Jak joined the party when they traveled to Louisiana and helped kill Baron Tourment (Neutron Solstice). He briefly settled down with Christina Ballinger after the Companions killed her abusive father and brothers and she took over their farm (Latitude Zero). They lived there for about a year and even had a child, but bandits showed up while he was away one day and killed Christy and the baby. He moved to a farm farther north and spent some time there with Doc, Mildred, Krysty, and Dean while JB and Ryan tracked down rumours about Trader, but they were forced to leave when a pair of travelers arrived carrying a leaking nuclear warhead in their wagon (Genesis Echo).


His chosen weapons are his knives and a .357 Colt Python revolver with a 6-inch barrel and chrome finish.



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