Jenna was the wife of Baron Alien of Raw ville. She was a powerful empath who acquired her mutie taint from the Illuminated Ones (how is unclear; she was likely the result of genetic experimentation); she could both feel and project emotions.

Jenna was obsessed with creating "perfect" human beings, probably because of her own mutation; she had a secret lab in Raw ville where she experimented on cloning children to create blond-hair, blue-eyed specimens. She got rid of her failures by allowing them to wander free of the ville, where the Sunchildren would capture them and take them back to their ville for ritual sacrifice. She seduced the sec chief, Harvey to aid her in her plans, though she had no feelings for him beyond his usefulness to her.

Jenna was a petite, very pretty woman with long black hair and black eyes. She was killed by Krysty after her plans were exposed and she and Harvey tried to escape Raw ville. (Sunchild)

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