Johannes was a travelling filmmaker. Several years ago, he found a vast stock of film, along with cameras, so he went on the road filming various villes and selling tickets to let the people see themselves on the silver screen. He met up with the companions in Louisiana and travelled with them to Bramton. He was killed by one of the Cornelius family after he filmed some things he shouldn't have.

This man plied a trade that was all but forgotten in the Deathlands. He produced films. Many years ago, he found a stock of camera's film, and processing equipment and has sense been travelling the Deathlands documenting the villes and people he encountered. He stayed with the group and slipped away while they were all in the families house, where he found something that not only terrified him, but excited him as well. He was going to show the group what he filmed, when the family attacked him, and brutally beat him to death, then destroyed his equipment. (Bloodlines)



Johannes Ford is likely a nod to John Ford, the man who directed several John Wayne westerns.



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