Johnson Lester was a sec man for Baron Willie Elijah.

When he failed to catch Doc's sword stick on a routine pat-down, he was banished to the basement of Baron Elijah's tower to work the wheel that raised and lowered the elevator. He was believed killed, along with all the other slaves in the room, after the elevator collapsed when Willie ville was overrun by stickies. (Skydark)

He actually survived, but he was badly burned, to the point where he was barely recognizable as human. A stickie named Budd pulled him from the ruins and nursed him back to health, but his mind was shattered by his experience. He changed his name to Norm and started building a new stickie army; this one was aimed toward taking over Freedom ville. When he heard that Ryan Cawdor, the man he blamed for his situation, was in Freedom ville, he immediately attacked, despite his army not being properly prepared. Freedom ville fell to the stickies, but the army was mostly wiped out and Lester himself was killed. (Freedom Lost)

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