Jorund Thoraldson was the baron of Markland was killed after catching an Implode Grenade Ryan Cawdor tossed to him.

He was the baron of Markland, a ville on the shores of Lake Superior. The ville was being poisoned by toxic waste flowing down a river nearby; when the companions arrived, his wisewoman convinced him that Mildred was the cause (because her skin was black - in Norse myth, dark elves were evil) and had to be sacrificed, along with Jak (Jak's death would bring them good luck). The companions tried to convince him otherwise, but he refused to listen to reason, so Ryan was forced to kill him.

The man stood at six foot five inches in height and weighed in at nearly three hundred pounds, not all of it fat. His eye's were blue and he had shoulder length white blond hair. He wore a shaggy wool coat and leather pants, which were tucked into knee length suede boots. He carried a long two handed sword and a .38 calibre colt was strapped to his belt. (Northstar Rising)

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