Joshua Wolfe ran afoul of Trader years ago. He'd tried to poison the crew of War Wag One, but a dog ate the food first. Trader ended up cutting off his left hand and letting him go. The companions later encountered him in charge of a religious sect called the Children of the Rock; he claimed to have forgiven Ryan and JB but later tried to kill them. The companions set his mansion on fire, and Ryan shot him when he tried to help put the fire out. (Crucible of Time)

Joshua was 6'3", around 240 pounds, all of it muscle, with black hair going gray.

Joshua Wolfe was the leader of the Children of the Rock Cult. He tried to get his revenge on Ryan Cawdor and his friends for the loss of his hand to Trader nearly two decades before. He forced the group to participate in tests, in which Krysty nearly lost her life. He was gunned down from nearly a mile off by Ryan as he tried to put out the fire that was consuming his home in Hopeville.

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