Countess Katya Beausoleil was a beautiful woman in her thirties, about 5'9" and slim. She had a mane of black hair, green eyes, and pale skin.


Countess Katya Beausoleil ran a barony in Tennessee, east of Memphis. She was the only daughter of Ricard Beausoleil and great-granddaughter of the man who built the manor in the days after the long winter. Her father and three older brothers died in "accidents", leaving her in sole charge of the barony.

Katya was obsessed with getting pregnant with a son to carry on her legacy, but no man could give her one (she, of course, discounted the possibility that she was sterile). She was a ruthless woman who ran her barony with fair but rigid rules - infractions were dealt with harshly, often by barbaric means such as stoning.

After repeated attempts to get Ryan to father a child with her, she had Straub hypnotize him after showing him a vision wherein all his friends were dead. Ryan, thinking that the vision was true, attacked Katya; she fled to the edge of a cliff overlooking the Tennessee River, and they both plunged over the edge into the water, where she drowned (Circle Thrice).





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