Krysty Wroth

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Krysty is 5'11", 150 pounds; she has green eyes and long, dark red hair that has a life of its own - it moves even when she is still and curls close to her neck if there is danger nearby. Cutting or pulling her hair causes her intense agony. She has a "doomie" sense - she can sense the presence of living beings nearby, as well as danger.

She usually wears coveralls or a jumpsuit and blue cowboy boots with falcons etched in silver across the toes, along with a bearskin coat.

Background[edit | edit source]

Krysty was born and raised in Harmony Ville, Colorado. Her mother, Sonja, died of cancer when Krysty was young, and the girl went to live with her uncle Tyas McCann. Before Sonja died, though, she taught Krysty of the ways of the Earth Mother - how to control her body, to drop into a deep trance, and how to channel the power of the earth. This last ability grants her incredible strength for a short time, but it bears a high cost - she becomes weakened in proportion to the amount of power she gains and the length of time she uses it; using it too long can put her into a coma, while a short burst of strength merely leaves her wobbly for a few minutes. Sonja and Tyas also gave her a broad education - she can read and write well (and often corrects Ryan's and Dean's grammar) and knows a good deal about plants.

When she met Ryan, she and the other people in Harmony had left in search of a rumored paradise somewhere in The Darks (Redoubt Bravo, though they didn't know this at the time). Their caravan was ambushed near Mocsin by mutie raiders and everyone but Krysty was slaughtered; she was taken prisoner by their leader. Ryan and JB rescued her, incidentally destroying the muties' camp, and took her back to Trader's convoy. She left the convoy after Ryan and JB went into Mocsin, intending to go on her way alone, and just missed being killed along with the rest of the convoy when Cort Strasser dropped nerve gas on them. She was later captured by Strasser and helped Ryan escape, then accompanied him and his companions to the redoubt (Pilgrimage to Hell).

Krysty believes that, somewhere, there is a place with clean water, blue skies, and green grass where they can settle down and make a life for themselves, and believes that they will eventually find it through the gateway network. She and Ryan sensed a connection with each other upon their first meeting and became lovers not long after; they have been together ever since.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Her weapon of choice is a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson Model 640. Her favourite expression is "Gaia!", but she rarely swears.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

She was played by Jenya Lano in the TV movie Deathlands: Homeward Bound.

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