An example of a biker gang.

The Last Hero's were the sec men under the control of the Mote's, they were based along the lines of the Hell' Angels motorcycle gang.

They found an old Hell's Angels base, which had the motorcycles, manuals, jackets, and other paraphernalia, so they formed themselves into a group. They numbered around a dozen, led by a man named Zombie.

They provided protection as well as security for the ville of Snakefish. Three were lost to an attack by Stickies near Death Valley, and the rest are killed while Ryan and his band make good their escape and destroy the oil refinery. The only member to survive is Riddler who Ryan allows to leave unmolested. (Ice and Fire)

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A room full of abandoned motorcycles, very similar to what the Last Hero's un earthed.

The members consisted of: Dick the Hat, Freewheeler, Kruger, Mealy, Priest, Rat, Riddler, Ruin, Vinnie, and Zombie.

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