Leviathan was a powerful predark tank that Ryan and his Companions completed construction of. It was later destroyed in combat with Ranger. (Pandora's Redoubt)


Ryan and his band were in the mist of escaping a redoubt that was collapsing under a torrent of lava. The survivalist escaped by the skin of their teeth to another redoubt. All is not well in this new redoubt as they discovered they were not alone. Apparently raiders have invaded the redoubt. After a brief battle against some mutie dogs, Ryan and JB discover the raiders have been building a gigantic tank that was dubbed "Leviathan".

Being the perfect vehicle to tour the new area the group has jumped into, Ryan and Co. take Leviathan out for a spin. In doing so, they activate a cybernetic battle tank called "Ranger" that guards the redoubt and a nearby city. After an intense battle the survivalist defeat the tank but not without incurring damage to Leviathan. Ryan decides to take Leviathan to the city in hopes of finding a garage to make repairs.

Meanwhile Ranger, not as defeated as we are led to believe, follows Leviathan to the city where another battle ensues. Ryan manages to topple a building succesfully burying Ranger. Afterwards, the group stops at a gas station to look for tools and parts to repair Leviathan. While investigating the area, Ryan and his son Dean come upon a woman being brutally raped by a biker gang. Ryan tells Dean that they cannot help, since their survival is more important than helping the woman's. Dean however disobeys, and in turn helps to free the woman. They are repayed for there help by being knocked out with knock out gas. The woman, an heir to the nearby ville, wants the tank for herself to defeat the Ranger that guards the city and redoubt. Riches await in the city, and domination of Deathlands is her aspiration. (Pandora's Redoubt)

Leviathan was later mentioned in passing. (Shatter Zone)

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