Twin daughters of Cord DuQuesne, the owner of the Hilton(Cords Tavern) in Rock ville, Virginia. Lily proclaimed to be 'Tiger' to her friends.


With midnight black hair and bodies barely contained by their clothing, they share the duties of running the tavern with their "pa". Jak was unable to pick up on the fact that they were twins, having been seemingly struck by Lil's beauty as the companions entered the tavern. They invited Jak to their bedroom before revealing themselves to him and announcing that they shared the work load... and everything.

Before the companions left Rock ville, Lily gave Jak a fifth of shine from Lil, asking him to remember them "with every sip." He relpied by giving her a dozen .22-caliber rounds perfect for her derringer and said "Keep, and think of me."

Lily tied her hair back with a red ribbon.


Gemini Rising

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