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An example of a fog-filled wild west ville.

Lonesome Gulch, the Famous Ghost Town of the Old West, was a small abandoned ville set along the lines of the old west of the late 19th century.

Ryan and his companions arrived at a poorly constructed gateway, in a very foggy region inhabited by strange animals and containing poisonous water. The companions barely escaped, and throughout the ordeal they were not able to pin-point their location due to electronics being unable to work, and the fog (sextant could not line up with the sun). (Twilight Children)


  • Its quite possible that they were at the South Pole, this would explain the spinning compass, and the fog may be related to what ever machinery would be responsible for creating the warmth. The patch-work nature of the gateway may also be due to the remoteness of the location, and although they were there for several hours, it did not seem as if the sun had moved positions, as the polar regions enjoy nearly six months of day-light. However the combination of quasi-dinosaurs and wild-west ville due seem to create more questions.
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