Lundquist Zeal was the baron of Virtue Lake, a town built around a large oil refinery. He entered into an alliance with Levi Shabazz to double-cross Trader, steal his war wags, and use them to gain entry to Spearpoint, a massive redoubt. When they couldn't get past the redoubt's guardian, he returned to Virtue Lake, but several of Trader's people had placed bombs around the refinery. Zeal dove into a large metal tank he used to torture prisoners just before the entire place blew up, but he was trapped inside and died there (Encounter).

Baron Zeal liked to dress in women's clothes (including high heels) and pretended that he was at least partially crazy. His reasoning was that if people thought he was crazy, they wouldn't know how to deal with him, which would give him an advantage. He decorated his manor with all sorts of eclectic brik-a-brak and drove a hot pink Cadillac, further enhancing the illusion of mental instability.

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