Mr Skinner from 101 Dalmatians. A taxidermist for comparison purposes.


He was fifty three years old and wore bottle bottom thick glasses which magnified his little blue eyes. He wore a three piece suit from the same era as his displays.


Gribble rebuilt a small ghost town in Colorado peopled by corpses. He killed most of them himself, used his knowledge of taxidermy to stuff them, then set them up in tableaux reminiscent of predark times. When JB and Ryan stumbled across his town, he tried to add them to his collection, but they killed him instead.

He was a strange little taxidermist who had restored a small portion of the ruined ville. Over the years he had killed over eighty people, stuffing nearly half that number for his macabre little ville. He tried to sneak into Ryan and J.B.'s room, but Ryan was awake at the time and catches the little man. They truss him up and then in the morning after hearing how many people he had killed, they shot him through the head. (Road Wars)





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