Marie Mandeville was the daughter of Baron Nathan Mandeville.

She was a psychopath and sexual sadist, Marie used her father's extensive wealth to get her anything she desired. She was known for having sex with any man she fancied, often mutilating them during the act or after she was done with them - very few got away unscathed. She often staged "hunts" where she would set a prisoner free, then ride forth with a group of men and dogs, hunt the unfortunate down, and execute him/her with the flying eagle. She would also use a predark camcorder to make snuff porn.

Before the group was forced out on the hunt, she slept with Michael Brother several times and showed him some very vile porno vids. This proved to the teenager how evil she was. After her father and the Sec Man, Harry Guiteau were killed, Michael Brother went after her and snapped her neck, as he couldn't let such an evil woman continue to live.

When they first met her she was wearing a shirt and pants of dark maroon, as well as low heeled boots of the same colour, adorned with Mexican spurs. She was pale and her eyes were narrow, giving her a slightly oriental appearance. Her hair was something else. Like Krysty's, but only incredibly black and luxurious. (Cold Asylum)

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