The leader of the ill-fated five man group seeking treasure in the Darks above Mocsin.

Though he left Mocsin accompanied by Rogan, Reacher, Kurt, and Denning; one member of his group perished by his hand. Denning was shot with a .45 automatic when he suggested finding another route in to the mountains . His claim to leadership along with his aggressive attitude proved to be his demise when a fight broke out in the cliffs before the redoubt. He ducked Rogan's shots and was eventually killed in hand to hand combat as Rogan smashed a rock into McCandless's head numerous times. His corpse was thrown off the same cliff that Reacher fell over.


Black bearded, scarred, glaring eyed, hulking in his furs. McCandless was a brute schemer who let nothing get in his way. He wanted power and he bulldozed opponents, anyone who thought differently or acted differently.


Pilgrimage to Hell

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