The Midnites were a group of women who live under the ruins of Chicago in a warren called Shytown.

They were all goggle-eyed, have pale skin, and are light-sensitive from living in near-darkness; otherwise, they appear completely normal. By tradition, all Midnites have names that can be shortened to a male name (like Robbie for Roberta) or is suitably androgynous (Chris, Robin, Jo). They capture any men they find, use them for breeding stock (which also ensures a clean gene pool), then kill and eat them. Any male children born to the women are also killed and eaten.

They believed that Krysty was a prophesied saviour, a woman with hair of living fire, who would lead them across the Mississippi River to a new land, so they kidnapped her. The Midnites' leader and several members were killed by the companions when they came to rescue her. (Fury's Pilgrims).

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