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Dr. Mildred Wyeth, taken from Yeolde Adventures


Mildred is 5'4", 136 pounds, with long hair arranged in a multitude of small braids tied with beads.  She often makes predark pop culture references that leave the others mystified.


Mildred Winonia Wyeth was born December 17th, 1964, the daughter of black activists. Her father was a minister who was burned alive in his church by the KKK; her mother participated in marches in the '50s and '60s. Mildred is a crack shot with a pistol and participated in the 1996 Olympics, where she won a silver medal. She is also a medical doctor and was the leading expert on Cryogenics before Skydark. In December 2000, she was admitted to the hospital for routine exploratory surgery to examine an ovarian cyst. She had a freak reaction to the anesthetic, which sent her into a coma. She was flown to the Shelley Cryonic Institute near Duluth, Minnesota, where she was put into cryonic stasis until further measures could be taken. Unfortunately, World War 3 struck not long after, and she remained in stasis for nearly 100 years.

She was awakened by the companions and joined their team (Northstar Rising), and has since proven to be a valuable member. She later fell in love with JB (Seedling) and has been with him since. She maintains a love/hate relationship with Doc; they constantly snipe at each other, but when the chips are down, each can trust the other to watch his (or her) back. She has a take-no-prisoners attitude and a strong will, and has quickly adjusted to her new life in Deathlands, though the casual callousness some of her friends often displays still has a tendency to shake her composure.


Her weapon of choice is a Czech-made ZKR 551 Target Pistol chambered for .38-caliber rounds.


In Northstar Rising, Mildred mentioned that she used to hike in Glacier National Park, and specifically mentions Grinnell Glacier - the same area where Redoubt Bravo is located. She also competed in a shooting competition in Cripple Creek, Colorado - JB's hometown (Genesis Echo).



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